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Senior Internet Marketing Specialist

Candidate Profile

Experience : 3-6 years
Job Location- Malviya Nagar New Delhi
1. Aggressive candidate who is passionate about “Marketing” and giving successful results to businesses
2. On Page and Off-page search engine optimization with proven results
3. Informed about the latest Google / Search Engine Algorithm updates, and latest and best-working organic SEO methodologies
4. Experience in running successful SEM / PPC campaigns with proven results. Proof of work required.
5. Experience in handling SMO (Social Media Optimisation) campaigns. Proof of work required.
6. Good written English skills
7. Experience in leading junior team members is a plus
8. Ability to assess and propose best combination of Internet Marketing Methodologies for clients

Job Description

1. Managing and guiding SEO team
2. Handling Google PPC campaigns for clients
3. Handling SMO campaigns for clients
4. Assess clients’ business and propose Internet Marketing methodologies to clients.
5. Holding discussions with International and Domestic clients

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